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Grades are given for each course that a student is officially enrolled in, and are written on the student’s permanent record at the end of each quarter. A copy of the permanent record is the transcript. A student’s academic achievement is reported in terms of grade point average (GPA).

Grades are recorded for each phase of study as follows:

Letter Grade Description Grading Point(Percentage Grading)
A+ Excellent 4.0(95 – 100%)
A Excellent 3.5(90-94%)
B+ Good 3.0(85 – 89%)
B Good 2.5(80 – 84%)
C+ Average 2.0(75 – 79%)
C Average 1.5(70 -74%)
D Below Average 1.0(60 – 69%)
Fail/Unsatisfactory 0.0(below 59)
Pass (for practicum / elective courses)
Transfer Credit
CR  Credit
NC  No Credit
SP Satisfactory Progress
AU  Audit

A failed test may be retaken another day to obtain a passing score (C or better).