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Danny Dokeun Kim
Ph.D. in Oriental Medicine at American Liverty University
M.S. in Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture at Dongguk Royal University
Courses of Instruction: GEC601, MMTM101, MMTM102, MMTM103, MMTM303
Courses of Instruction: MMTM401, MMTM402, MMTM403, MMTM404, MMTM405, MMTM406

Byung Soo Choi
M.S. in Oriental Medicine at Samra University of Oriental Medicine
Courses of Instruction: MMTM201, MMTM202, MMTM204, MMTM205

Chunyi Jiang
M.S. in Oriental Medicine at Kingston University
Courses of Instruction: MMTM203, MMTM301, MMTM302, MMTM304

Neung Mo Lee
M.B.A. in Master of Business Administration at American Heritage University of Southern California(AHUSC)
B.S. Civil Engineer at SungKyunKwan University, South Korea