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Attendance Policy

All students enrolled in any of the courses at Aceport College are expected to be in every class on time for their own academic improvement. Since classroom and internship credit will be given only for instruction under the supervision of a certified instructor at an approved location, it is important to arrive before the beginning of the scheduled class or lab/practicum time. More than three unexcused absences per class will result in an academic consultation with an academic dean or a staff member. Make-up work for the student may be arranged by the instructor. Any student anticipating absence for one week or longer must request a formal leave of absence in writing. Two leave of absences are allowed during any course length. Leave of absence is not computed in the time frame for the course. Any student failing to attend classes without such written notice may have his/her enrollment agreement terminated. Tardiness is disruptive to a good learning environment and is discouraged. Tardiness without legitimate reason on three occasions in one class will be considered as an unexcused absence. The attendance policy may vary depending on the professor and his or her curriculum.