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Aceport College MissionAceport College aimsWelcome to Aceport College

Aceport College Mission

Aceport College is to provide the finest education to students who strive to achieve knowledge in the areas of medical massage therapy.

Aceport College aims

Strive for excellent education in medical massage therapy.
Ensure faculty, administrators, and staff members to have enough support for professional growth

Welcome to Aceport College

Students complete these programs will obtain valuable opportunities to pursue leadership in the community with adequate knowledge, skills, ethics, and responsibilities. Aceport College aims to grow with highly qualified faculty members as well as modern facilities and an enriching learning environment.

Welcome Message

Dear Students,

Aceport College welcomes you to the world of professional education in medical massage therapy. The field of medical massage therapy has high demands and shown enormous strides in the United States as well as the global market.

In general, medical massage therapy is a comprehensive subject that includes both adequate academic knowledge and work ethics. medical massage therapy has been a part of the growth of global economy and it pertains to a wide range of use in real life. Along with this phenomenon Aceport College continues to support the development of the world economy and promises you to provide the best education possible.

Upon the decision to attend Aceport College, we provide students with a professional education under our highly qualified faculty members as well as, modern facilities and a scholarly environment. Through your education at Aceport College, you will learn how to enhance your skills so that you can be tomorrow’s pacesetter of global society.

This catalog will serve you as a guide for your term of study at Aceport College. It provides general information regarding the school, such as policies, curriculum, and finances. If you have any questions other than the information provided through this catalog, please do not hesitate to contact the administrative office.
On behalf of the Board, administrators, faculty, and staff members, I again welcome you to Aceport College and it is my pleasure to have you as a part of the Aceport College community. I wish you the best in your path of education and hope Aceport College can assist you to achieve your dream.

Danny Dokeun Kim, Ph.D.